Glacier Warming

Glacier Warming – Feeling the heat!

The records for the summer of 2006 when finalized, showed that around the globe they called it the hottest summer in 100 years – maybe in centuries.  Your editor, although a strict preservationist and devotee of nature, is not a “save the snail darter“, tree-hugging greenie.  Having said that, I am truly concerned, yet I have an open mind as it relates to cyclic weather patterns and yet-to-be-proven global warming as a result of man-made effluence.

I am not afraid to admit that because I do not have all the answers, I am not supporting either side of the global warming debate.  The key phrase is “all the answers“; we just don’t know for sure if mankind is ruining the world or if this is nothing more than a cyclic pattern of a very resilient planet.  However, I would rather err on the side of caution than dismiss evidence outright.  With this in mind, I plan to begin logging news stories about this dilemma in chronological order.

I monitor Google and Yahoo! news alerts on a daily basis.  As stories appear about this subject – relating to Glacier National Park – I will list them on these pages with the most recent at the top of the list.

July 2006

  • Breaking the ice – Glaciers that took millennia to build are now vanishing with the summer sun. Within the next half century, scientists believe, the park’s name may do little more than conjure up scenic images of Glacier’s past geology.

  • At Risk: America’s National Parks – Glaciers, wildlife and forests could disappear entirely from Western national parks because of what a new report by environmental advocacy groups calls the single greatest threat: global warming.

  • Climate change seen hurting national parks – We may lose the glaciers in Glacier National Park,” where scientists have projected a total melt in 25 years…. Already scientists note signs that may indicate that the tree line is moving upward in elevation.