Sled Dog Races

Root Beer Classic Sled Dog Races

In most years, the annual Root Beer Classic sled dog races are held in March in Polebridge. Mushers and their sled dogs competed in a 15 mile race with the winner receiving a bottle of root beer. This is our local Montana Iditarod.

This is a FUN event.  The mushers encourage visitors to pet their dogs and the dogs love the attention. This short video includes some clips of these beautiful dogs waiting to run and one team crossing the finish line of the race. One additional benefit of visiting Polebridge for this event is seeing all the wildlife in and around town.  From the elk to huskies… worth the trip!

And the winner is…

It can be argued that winning is not the purpose these mushers have in mind. After all, with the champion receiving a bottle of root beer, they’re not doing this for the “purse”.  The fun of the race and working your team of dogs on a beautiful winter day in Montana makes everyone a winner.

Sled Dog Races in Polebridge

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  • Montana Mountain Mushers is a non-profit Montana organization which supports and promotes the informed and humane use of sled dog teams for work, transportation, pleasure, and sport. The organization provides information about running dogs and aspects associated with dog mushing to mushers and the general public.